Maintenance and Cleaning


Maintenance for fabric parts

For cleaning fabric, we recommend using a damp sponge with a neutral soap. Do not apply soap or water directly on the product. Rub the fabric gently , rinse with a clean damp sponge, then blot with a cotton cloth. Let the fabric air dry, avoiding any direct contact with heat or the sun. We recommend that you fill well the product during the drying process in order to facilitate maintaining its original form. If after cleaning there are light streaks or colour zones that are slightly different, perform the procedure on a larger surrounding area so that the item has a uniform look. To avoid streaks or colour loss, do not use chemical products or solvents of any type. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Maintenance for leather parts
Leather is a "live" material, therefore small imperfections, spots or grains represent a characteristic of the leather and guarantee the absence of unnatural coatings. To maintain the original characteristics of the leather we recommend that you use only specific liquid products made out of neutral wax that do not contain solvents, fuels or alcohol for cleaning. Use a small amount of the product on a soft cloth, never apply directly to the leather, and apply it delicately to the part needed with small circular movements. Do not immerse the product in water. In case of contact with water, dry it quickly, blotting it with a dry cotton cloth, without rubbing. Do not expose the product to direct heat. Do not iron. Remember that after repeated rubbing on clothing, leather may leave traces of colour.