Guide - How to choose the Men's Wallet

This guide is for who have to choose a wallet for themselves or as gift. Today is very difficult to choose a wallet searching around and considering the million models. After search you are probably still confused. How many models of men's wallets exist? Which to choose according to your needs? Follow our advice to clear your head.

guida come scegliere il portafoglio da uomo

How choose a men’s wallets by size

This guide will describes the main styles of men’s wallets by size and shape. You can see all models according to this subdivision on our website.  

Classic men's wallet
Mini men’s wallet
Medium men’s wallet
Vertical men’s wallet
Small men’s wallet
Slim men’s wallet
Money clip men’s wallet

Classic men's wallet

The large men’s wallet is probably the most used. This wallet is for who prefers to have all the necessaries inside as banknotes, coins, credit cards and driving license. Its dimensions (about 12.5x9.6) allow you to take all easily and after to put them in the dedicated compartments. 

portafoglio uomo classico pelle saffianoportafoglio uomo classico saffiano

The large men’s wallet is often characterized by a double banknote compartment, a handy coin pocket, credit cards slots, and a special slot for paper identity card.

portafoglio uomo classico cuoio

Besides, some models have a special flap for document or credit card which you can easily flip to keep it externally and show the driving license or ID document for example.      

portafoglio uomo con aletta classicoportafoglio uomo cuoio con aletta classico

If you are a huge fan of the traditional and elegant large wallet, this is the one. Moreover, if you have to make a gift and you do not know how choose, this men’s wallet is your best option. It definitely will not disappoint you!

... if you are interested in large men’s wallets you can visit our dedicated webpage.

Medium men’s wallet

The medium men’s wallet born to be an alternative to the large one, but with slightly reduced size with classic shape (about 11.5x9.5 cm -  45.27x37.40 in.). 

portafoglio uomo in cuoioportafoglio uomo aletta in cuoio medio

This medium men’s wallet has one or two banknote compartments, credit cards slot and also a coin pocket for who does not give up to the coins. The small size of this medium wallet model allows you to fit it comfortably both in the back pocket of the trousers without coming out and even occasionally in the front pocket.

portafoglio uomo in pelle taschinoportafoglio uomo classico cuoio medio

Besides, thanks to the electronic ID card it is no longer necessary to purchase a large wallet so as not to have to give up the capacity, practicality and elegance typical of the traditional wallet. There are many style of the medium men’s wallet: with coin pocket, with only credit card slots and also with internal zip pocket.

portafoglio con zip in cuoio

... if you are interested in medium men’s wallets you can visit our dedicated webpage.

Small men’s wallet

The small men’s wallet is for who does not prefer the traditional large or medium wallet and wants a smaller one (about 8.5x10.2 cm. - 33.46x40.15 in. ). The small men's wallet can have a horizontal or vertical shape depending on the position of the credit cards.

portafoglio uomo piccolo cuoio neroportafoglio uomo piccolo in cuoio

or vertically depending on the position of the credit cards.

portafoglio uomo piccolo saffianoportafoglio uomo piccolo saffiano nero

The small men’s wallet is suitable for people that prefer to have all the necessaries in a small but very functional space. This type of model can have also a banknotes compartment and credit card slots. 

portafoglio uomo piccolo pelleportafoglio uomo piccolo nero con bottone

The practicality of small men's wallets lies in the undisputed comfort that allows you to carry them with you comfortably in your pocket without noticing their weight or thickness.

... if you are interested in small men’s wallets you can visit our dedicated webpage.

Money clip men’s wallet

Money clip men’s wallet is very elegant and is characterized by its metal clip for banknotes.

portafoglio fermasoldi in cuoioportafoglio uomo fermasoldi cuoio

Normally the men’s wallet with money clip has small dimensions (about 18x10.2 cm). It can be stored in a breast pocket or trouser pocket. This type of wallet has all comforts because it has dedicated compartments for banknotes, credit card slots and also occasionally in the coin pocket. The clip money men’s wallet is very practical, in fact you can put it in the pocket of trousers. The peculiarity of this practical wallet is for sure the chance to put the bills in the dedicated compartment and under the clip too. The utility of this wallet consists in having the frequently used small bills under the clip while the large ones inside the compartment.

portafoglio uomo fermasoldi gancio in cuoioportafoglio uomo piccolo con fermasoldi cuoio

For people does prefer a wallet with an even smaller thickness, there is another one that does not include the banknote compartment.

portafoglio uomo con fermasoldiportafoglio con fermasoldi nero

This wallet is for those who love elegant and original style!

... if you are interested in money clip men’s wallets you can visit our dedicated webpage.

Mini men’s wallet

The mini men's wallets are a category that in recent years have taken hold especially among young audience.

portafoglio uomo minimalistaportafoglio uomo minimalista

The mini wallets designed to be little more bulky than a credit card, have an innovative design and surely represent the perfect combination of style and practicality, This type of mini men’s wallets are very comfortable to have in the pocket because their thickness and small dimensions.

portafoglio uomo mini con carte di creditoportafoglio uomo mini con carte di credito

Choosing a minimalist men's wallet does not mean giving up the comfort of dedicated compartments because it will be possible to insert banknotes, coins and even credit cards.

portafoglio uomo minimalistaportafoglio uomo minimalista

The original design of these mini wallets will surely give to you an elegant style every day.

... if you are interested in mini men’s wallets you can visit our dedicated webpage.

Vertical men’s wallet

The vertical men's wallet is appreciated first and foremost by those who prefer to have the wallet in the jacket pocket and who wants to be original.

vertical man's walletlong men's wallet

The vertical wallet does not only exist in its traditional long version, but also in the larger and more capacious dimensions 

portafoglio uomo verticale da tasconeportafoglio uomo verticale da tascone

or in the smaller and more practical versions.

portafoglio uomo verticale da taschinoportafogli uomo verticale da taschino

All models of vertical wallets have a large capacity of credit cards and banknotes / documents, easily storable in dedicated internal compartments. Some models also have a zip pocket for storing coins.

vertical men's walletportafoglio uomo verticale da tascone

The elegance of the vertical wallet is undoubtedly undeniable, and thanks to its smart design it will always remain flat and thin.

... if you are interested in vertical men’s wallets you can visit our dedicated webpage.

Slim men’s wallet

The thin and slim men's wallet is very requested by people and by who prefers to have only banknotes, credit cards, and documents.

portafoglio uomo sottile con carte di creditoportafoglio uomo sottile con carte di credito

This type of wallet easily hides in front and back trouser pockets. For this reason it is appreciated by those who are very looking at the thickness of the wallet.

portafoglio uomo sottile con carte di creditoportafoglio uomo sottile con carte di credito

There are different sizes of thin wallet. There is the large one with a zip to store even a few coins and the small and thin one (dimension of a credit card).

portafoglio uomo sottile con zipportafoglio uomo sottile con zip

Thin and small wallets are often used as an additional accessory. They are often accompanied by small coin pocket or wallets with coin pocket for those who like to have separate coins and bills from the most important credit cards. The utility to have separated the coins and bills from credit cards consists in go out and choose which wallets take depending on the occasions. 

... if you are interested in slim men’s wallets you can visit our dedicated webpage.

If you are interested in our handmade men's wallets handcrafted by our Highly skilled craftsmen with high quality leather, we invite you to visit the dedicated wallets page on website.


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