How to choose a men's belt - Guide and Tips

On this page, we want to give helpful tips for choosing the most suitable man's belt to your look, choosing among the most important types of belts

Besides the personal taste there are details that can help you decide which is the belt fits you. We will describe below the main types of belts grouping them according to the pattern which we have already used on the pages dedicated to men's belts at our site.
Until a few years ago the belts were only grouped into three categories: elegant belts, classic belts and casual-comfort belts. Today, the belt has a very important role in enhancing the men's look on various occasions, so we will describe sets of belts with the same features and events-opportunities to which they are dedicated.

Suits men's belts

Those Belts are elegant and have clean design which match mostly with shoes color and other leather accessories for men, are suitable for special events and occasions. The leather used is often gloss or semi-gloss, in particular, both models are good with smooth leather belts and with exotic leather prints like Lizand Tejus, Viper, Crocodile, Alligator and Turtle. Among the suit men belts have very good success the ones with those modern prints on the leather such as carbon and saffiano. The seams are in tone and the yarn used and thin. There are also belts without seam, so-called unstitched belts, which are very elegant and appreciated. The buckle may be shiny or brushed nickel color generally. If you want to opt for a more modern look then choose the gunmetal-colored buckle, otherwise if you want to accentuate a classic style the buckle can be gold.

Suit man's beltElegant men's belt saffiano

Elegant and Stylish men's belts

This group is larger because it includes part of the classic belts and suits belts. These belts are produced with both glossy and matte leather, smooth or printed with natural grain. The seams can be either in tone or in slight contrast. The buckles have usually square shape that is easier to match. Among the elegant belts are having much success the reversible belts, double side with rotatable buckle, which offer the chance to wear the same one with two different dresses, black and brown or black and blu.

Reversible men's beltsElegant reversible men's belt

Classic man's belt

This is probably the category of man belts worn and sought after. The classical belt has to be comfortable and wearable everyday, should be soft and durable, For this reason are made ​​of natural leather full-grain. Calfskin belts are soft and nice, Vegetable leather belts are prized and resistant. On this type of belt the stitchings can be in contrast and the buckles can be slightly rounded or covered. The classic men's belts are defined  "smart" because can match any outfit.

Classic men's belt brownClassic men's belt black

Casual man's belts

In this group there are Casual and Comfort wear belts. The casual man's belt is comfortable, suitable for everyday use, has a modern design and a stronger character than the classical belt. The term casual and comfort is often used interchangeably to identify this type of belt dynamic and versatile. The casual man follows the trends hightlighting his taste and personality. His belt stands out with discretion. 

Men's belt black leatherMen's belt blue

Jeans belts

The typical jeans men's belt is wide, comfortable and must give a feeling of strength. Also this belt falls within the group casual-comfortable, however we prefer to describe it separately as dresses only with jeans. We hightlight the belts made ​​from strips of vegetable leather, unlined, wide 40 mm with a thickness of 4 mm. The belt can be simple or elaborate with complex stitching or better stitched by hand. The jeans belts are unisex, for both men and women, are produced in different colors following seasonal trends. Because you can wear often with sneakers, you do not have to match them to the shoes color.

Jeans belt blackJeans belt cognac

Fashion men's belts

The fashion men's belts and the trendy belt stand out for the particular beauty of the buckles, which may have special finishes or design details. Likewise the hide of the belt may be particular, crafted or tanned in a special way. That accerrThe trendy belt is the most important accessory for the man who dresses fashion and is fashion-conscious and do not want to go unnoticed.

Nubuk leather beltClassic trendy men's beltfashin leather man belt

Braided and Stretch men's Belts

Braided leather belts and Stretch elastic belts are very versatile and comfortable, suitable for both casual and comfort wear. The greater comfort of this type of belts is due to the intrinsic elastic properties of the waves regardless of whether they are of the leather, elastic fabrics or mixed with wool. Moreover, these belts having no holes allow fastening of the belt at each point. The great comfort you can appreciate immediately once worn. This type of belt is good for both men and women.

Braided stretch beltBraided stretch belt grayBraided leather belt

Suede Belts

The Suede leather belts are belts that fit a bit 'everywhere, giving a touch of class and glamour to all kind of outfits. Are appreciated both by man and woman, thanks to the wide range of colors and easy way to match. In particular, we would like to highlight the belts with leather covered buckles with a more trendy look and suede belts with buckles covered with rubber for a stylish look.

Suede leather belt blueSuede leather men's beltSuede leather belt cognac

Vintage belts

Vintage men's belts are always in fashion, made with specially crafted leather to create the effect of "used-old" and brusher or antiquated with art buckles, giving the sensation of old quality which still stand. Often are characterized by the large stitching, handmade crafts and leather patchworks. Can fit with many types of clothing becoming the protagonists of your look, going well with casual pants, and perfectly with jeans. Never get old, more older get and more beautiful are. Suitable for both men and women.

Vintage leather beltVintage fashion leather beltVintage man'e leather belt

How to wear a belt

The belt should be worn and closed on the third hole, which is the middle one, leaving the belt visible about 15 centimeters (5.9 inch) from the tip. This rule is equally applicable to leather belts with 5 holes and to braided-mesh belts which have no holes. This rule will also help during the purchase of the belt. You can read more about the topic by reading our guide on how to choose the size of the belt.

Which width should have the belt?

At first, by choosing the belt for men you should consider the belt's width and, of course, the kind ouf outfit where you are going to employ. Normally less-wide belt is more elegant while wider belt is more casual, for that reason the belt wide from mm. 30 to mm. 35 is the more classic and elegant while the belt mm. 40 is more casual and comfort dedicated.

Which features should have a good belt for men

Besides your taste or your particular needs, the belt must be made with quality leather. The leather surface is the first thing that may come in contact with you, either directly or indirectly transpiring through your clothing. The belts made ​​in Italy are made ​​with Italian leather choices and tanned with vegetable tannins which are more natural. Low cost tanned leather in other countries may be harmful to your health. Also, adhesives end glues employed to make the belts can likewise be harmful to health. Therefore is better to choose natural leather belts using fine natural glues, not harmful, like ours. Always choose belts made ​​in Italy made ​​with Italian leather or better vegetable-tanned leather.  Also you must check the lining of the belt, or bottom, which should be made ​​of genuine leather, for the reasons already listed. The leather is resistant to heat and cold, has a small natural elasticity and therefore is more comfortable, pleasant to touch and smell.
If possible, choose handcrafted belts, giving you the guarantee of a hand-made with care product. Finally, if you intend to shorten the belt after purchase, or you think to do so in the future, always check that buckle is adjustable.

Which belts to avoid 

Beware of cheap belts, may not be made of genuine leather, deteriorating quickly, or could have been made ​​with poor quality materials (surfaces, glues, stitching, buckles).
Stay away from the belts of prestigious brands sold at bargain prices, even during the sales. They may not be original or made ​​with materials of very low quality.

If you are interested in our belts handcrafted handmade by our master leather craftsmen in Italy ( in Italian language Maestri Pellettieri ) with quality leathers, please see the page on our online sales site dedicated to men's belts.

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