Leather liquor flask 6oz Brown
measure cm.9,2x2,3 x13,3 - Color: Brown / Chestnut - Brand: Adpel - Collection: Prestige
Shipping info: the shipping is provided directly from italian manufacturer's warehouse ADPEL.
Interesting facts about Tuscany Leather Vegetable Tanning:
The Vegetable-tanned Tuscan leather is tanned in a traditional way, using vegetable substances extracted from the tree bark. This type of tanning is slow, that's why it's a sustainable and natural process. After such tanning process animal skin gets unique features of natural beauty, it becomes pleasant to the touch and such leather will last really long. Each skin is, by its nature, different from another and vegetable tanning enhances its features. Each item is therefore unique and inimitable.

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Leather liquor flask 6oz Brown

  • Produttore: ADPEL Prestige
  • Codice articolo: 598C
  • Disponibilità: Disponibile
  • Prezzo: 53,00€ 42,50€

  • Sconto: -19%

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