Braided stretch leather belt elastic Blue 3.5cm. This belt is appreciated by those looking for the classic look of the braided belt combined with the unparalleled comfort of the elastic belt.A belt that easily fits giving a touch of class to your outfit. The aesthetic impact is very classy! The elastic weave is comfortable, resistant and adjustable (with screw). Produced with top quality leathers, suitable for all looks for both men and women.
braided leather belt brown
Colour: Blue
Upper leather: Cow leather
Bottom leather: Cow leather
Buckle: colour brush nikel, made in Italy
Width: mm.35
Manufacturing: The product is a 100% "Hand Made in Italy" of craftsmanship quality.
Packaging: The belt is delivered with the original Acciaio brand hangtag and with original box, nice for a gift.
Cod. Art.: 9703 - Brand: Acciaio

Interesting facts about Leather Vegetable Tanning:
The Vegetable-tanned Tuscan leather is tanned in a traditional way, using vegetable substances extracted from the tree bark. This type of tanning is slow, that's why it's a sustainable and natural process. After such tanning process animal skin gets unique features of natural beauty, it becomes pleasant to the touch and such leather will last really long. Each skin is, by its nature, different from another and vegetable tanning enhances its features. Each item is therefore unique and inimitable.

Other Informations:
  • The waist measurement is calculated with the buckle fastened at cm.15 to the tip. 
  • The braided belt allows you to fasten the buckle in every position, ensuring an optimal fit in all conditions.
  • If you do not find your size, choose one size larger.
  • The belt can be easily shortened, if necessary, being provided with screw easy to open. 
  • If necessary, you can adjust the belt by yourself or request free regulation before shipping!

If you are not sure about which size you should take, please read our guide on how the choose the belt size or check the quick guide below

Quick guide how to choose the belt size

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Braided stretch leather belt elastic Blue 3.5cm

  • Produttore: ACCIAIO Cinture
  • Codice articolo: 9703B
  • Disponibilità: Disponibile
  • Prezzo: 49,00€

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